Tuesday, 23 February 2010

This is another pattern from the Hobbydols book No 46, these little books are well worth the money, the patterns are beautiful, you can purchase  the Hobbydols books from cardstitching.co.uk, i thought this little Forever Friends bear worked perfect with this pattern.

Friday, 19 February 2010

This is another pattern from Hobbyjournaal 59, i really like this pattern. The decoupage is from cardstitching.co.uk.
I stitched this one for my Niece's birthday, the pattern is from Hobbyjournaal 59, from cardstitching.co.uk.

This pattern is from  Hobbydols book No 46, i really do like this one and enjoyed every minute of stitching it, the decoupage is from cardstitching webshop.

This pattern is from pricknstitch south africa, the instructions were a little difficult to follow on this one but i really enjoyed stitching it.
This one is the original size pattern , again i enjoyed stitching this one
.  I don't know what is wrong with my printer, but the  white is not showing properly and it looks like a shadow on everything i scan.
I stitched this pattern twice but slightly enlarged it as i didn't have any decoupage small enough, but i love the pattern from Ann.

Monday, 8 February 2010


This pattern is by Ann's Paper Art No a711 which you can purchase from cardstitching.co.uk, the decoupage that i have used is also from cardstitching, i really liked stitching this pattern, i have just got to add a sentiment to finish it off.

Art Deco Lady

The pattern for this one is from A book by Erica Fortgens, New Designs, New Projects for Embroidery on Paper, i have split the pattern and added an Art Deco Lady topper from Kanban along with a few little gems.

Flower Fairy

Again i have used the Match it Fairy but this time i have used a pattern from the Hobbydols book No 50, again you can purchase this book from cardstitching.co.uk
I have also added rice beads and seed beads.

Flower Fairy

This card was made for a friend of my Son's, i have added a Flower fairy Match it and  sequin flowers and seed beads, the pattern is from the Hobbyjournaal magazine No 36, you can purchase the Hobbyjournaal from cardstitching.co.uk.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Birthday Pattern

This card was made with a pattern that was a gift from Ann Lutolf for my birthday Ann is a wonderful designer of stitching patterns, you can purchase  Ann's Paper Art Patterns from the cardstitching webshop.