Friday, 28 October 2011

Sandy's birthday card

I have to admit, this is another pattern I really did enjoy srtitching,  it is another of Ann's beautiful patterns the No is a341. It is all stitched in Black and Gold threads, and I have used Black and Gold mirri card, I mounted it onto a Gold and white  fibre paper, this is a 8x8 card, made for sandy's 65th birthday.

Tatty Teddy Birthday

I chose to stitch this pattern in pastel colours, and i really am pleased that i did, the Tatty teddy fits just perfect in the centre, and the blues work really well with it, The pattern is APA No, a628, i really do like this pattern, it's easy to stitch and looks so lovely when finished, I decided to give this to my Sister for her Birthday.


This is one of Ann's new patterns, I really enjoyed stitching it, it is pattern No, a0637, I found the Forever Friends decoupage that I had fogotten I had,  I think it was made for this pattern.

Christmas card

I enjoyed stitching this little bell with holly

Birthday card

This is quite an easy pattern to stitch, I chose the coliours to match the image I have used.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Ann's Birthday Card.

I made this card for Ann from Ann's paper art, I used a fibre paper to back this card with, I really do like the result and will use it again, it was a pleasure making this special card.  I was very happy to be able to give it to Ann myself, I can't thank Ann enough for coming to England and meeting the girls from my craft group.

Contest Card

I made this card for the Contest on Ann's paper art forum, the pattern is a free pattern for the  members.

New Cards

Here are some cards I have made for a punishment game we are playing on Ann's paper art forum, if we use certain words during the month we have to make a card, I used the words 11 times so have got to make 11 cards, I still have a few more cards to make, they are all stitched with Anns paper art patterns.