Wednesday, 30 November 2011

60Th Birthday card,

I loved stitching this patten, it is Ann's paper art pattern No a o638, I made the card for a dear friend, i have added quite a few gems to this one, but I love the result, I stitched it all in her favourite colour purple.

Royal Marines

This was a difficult card to make for me, my neighbour asked me to make a card for her Grandson who was going into the Royal Marines, I really had no idea as to what to do, so I bought this pattern from Ann's paper art just for the occasion, it is patter No a0305.

My Great Niece's birthday 4th Card

I made this card for my Great Niece's 4th birthday,I chose Anns Paper Art pattern No a0702 because when I visited her a few months ago I gave both her and her sister a teddy bear, I have stitched the pattern in a bright pink and green and then used a Memory Box buckle die, and a few gems to finish.