Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Congratulations Card

Oh Dear, is she sick, i hear you ask, this card is not stitched, well, for once i thought i would try something a little different, these are Hobbydots, they are little peel-off stickers in different size dots, curves, teardrop shapes and borders, and i have to admit, i really enjoyed making this card, for me it really was something different, as i am so lost without my needle, thread, and patterns, you can buy these hobbydots from cardstitching.co.uk and i can definitely recommend them,  go on, give them a try, you know you want to, i know i am looking forward to making more cards with these little dots, but i am still a stitch-a-holic, and that won't change.


  1. Although you take a step off the stitching road ;-) I really like your card.

    Hugs karin

  2. Thank you Karin, i appreciate your comments,


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