Sunday, 6 March 2011


I decided to do something a little bit different, and made some boxes, the first box, the pattern is from the book Uren Borduren, by Erica Fortgens, i have shrunk the pattern down to fit, it has got black rice beads and silver silver seed beads, I have added a flower bead in the centre with a small black bead, then added a white ribbon to finish the box, it was trial and error in making this box, but i'm very pleased with the result.

The second box i've made, the pattern is from the book Embroidery on Paper, Alphabet & Festive Motifs, again i've shrunk the pattern down to fit, and added green rice beads, pinl hearts and a small flower in the centre, and then finished with a white ribbon, I found making these boxes quite a challenge as i have never done these before and they are my own designs, i'm now looking forward to making more.

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