Friday, 25 April 2014

Stencil Set Cards

Here are three cards I have made using the Stencil Sets from Ann's Paper Art Webshop, the first two are made using  Stencil Set a2062,  for the first card I cut the Die down a little and stitched the Heart pattern No a439 which is in the set, the second one I turned the die cut into a doily by cutting the top off and joining two together,  I stitched the letter A from the pattern sheet No a2064 which gives the Die a completely different look and shows a different way of using it.  The third card I made with Stencil Set No a628,  I enjoyed making these cards, especially the motorbike card, it's so hard to make cards for men and this was a perfect stencil for a man's card.


  1. Hi Sue

    Thank you for making these awesome cards with my patterns and allowing me to use them for my Webshop :)



  2. Sue, your cards are amazing.

  3. Really Beautiful cards Sue, I particularly love the middle one, the colours are gorgeous. Well done
    Sue xx

  4. Gorgeous cards Sue, I do love the last one with the motorbike, I might have to add that combination to my wihlist.

    Hugs, Petra